Eco Friendly Products

rHIPS.b Products

Fully Biodegradeable, In Natural Conditions, Leaving No Trace

rHIPS.b is a recycled HIPS polymer combined with a revolutionary biodegradable formulation that will degrade plastic up to 200 times faster than the lifespan of plastic.

What Is RHIPS.B?

rHIPS.b is made from 100% waste materials

We take things like old products, old yoghurt pots, and the inside of fridges, and turn them into useful products

No virgin material is used

No deforestation needed to grow ‘eco’ materials

Fully Biodegradeable

Unlike other popular bioplastics it does not require extremely particular conditions to biodegrade

The rHIPS.b polymer is broken down by over 600 naturally occurring microbes

Naturally biodegradeing in home compost, marine, and landfill 200 times faster than standard plastic

Biodegredation occurs by friendly microbes fully digesting the polymer

No microplastics

All that is left is rich biomass and water


5 Product Colours to chose from

New Colourways Inspired By Nature

Colourways inspired by the manufacturers location, Cornwall

Reminders of recycled history are visible – much like newspaper pulp in egg cartons, the flecks you see in rHIPS.b are the flecks from the recycled products used to create it

Design & Manufactured In The UK

rHIPS.b products are made from waste materials sourced from the UK, or from manufacturer waste we’ve created ourselves

All designed, manufactured, and distributed from Cornwall to wherever it needs to go

Meaning no air miles and more smiles